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American Sable Rabbit Society

I hereby enclose $ ______ and make application for membership in the American Sable Rabbit Society. I agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws, Further the interest in the Sable Rabbits, work for the good of all fellow members and the club.

Membership Runs from July 1 – June 30th

Individual Membership for 1 year is $10.00; 3 years is $25.00

Youth Membership  for 1 year is $8.00; 3 years is $20.00

Family Membership for 1 year is $14.00; 3 years $35.00 *

  • Note Family Membership is only for the first two youth. After second youth each additional youth is $3.00 for the first year and $5.00 for three years.

Two Member Membership of the same House Hold  for 1 year is $12.00; 3 years is $30.00

If you would like your Sable Cable (Newsletter) emailed to you please LET US KNOW by checking Yes of No on your application. By accepting an emailed version of the Sable Cable it helps our club save money.

Send Membership Applications to Secretary/Treasurer- Catherin Dinsdale, can be reached via email at

Application for membership